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Grape Wines


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From vine to glass, each sip tells the story of sun-kissed grapes and the artistry of winemaking, inviting you to savor the essence of the vineyard in every drop.

MERLOT a sorcerer's blend | off-dry | 12.5% ABV | This is our take on Merlot, an iconic American grape wine, presents a velvety texture and lush flavors of plum and berry. Its medium-bodied profile offers a perfect balance of fruitiness and soft tannins, making it an approachable yet sophisticated choice for wine lovers. With its versatile pairing potential and smooth finish, Merlot continues to captivate palates around the world as a timeless classic in the realm of red wines.

$6 / glass | $20 / bottle

MOS-QATO we goat this | semi-sweet | 12.5% ABV | Our version of a Moscato using Orange Muscat grapes which have dominant notes of orange blossoms and ripe apricot, with hints of tangerine, lime, and delicate spices. This wine is named after our herd sire, Qato, who was a dominant sire, but loved romancing and dancing his ladies. Perfect for a night of romance!

$6 / glass | $20 / bottle

CONCORD that's my jam | medium-sweet | 12.5% | Concord grape wine exudes a bold and fruity aroma reminiscent of freshly picked grapes on a sun-drenched vineyard. With its deep purple hue and intense flavor, each sip offers a burst of rich, jammy sweetness balanced by a subtle tartness. This classic wine variety captivates the palate with its robust character and lingering finish, making it a timeless favorite among wine enthusiasts. When bottled, it is a bright, bluish-purple hue, with an intense, showy fruitiness, that portrays fresh grape juice.

$6 / glass | $15 / bottle

March 27, 2024