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Craft wine & tasting room, farm store, and quality Kiko goats!!!

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Maine Cellars

Craft Fermenta

There are days where we just need to take life in, relax, and enjoy our bounty. At Marble Creek Acres, we invite you to stop by, relax, take in the view, the goats, and join us for a wine tasting, a flight, glass, or bottle of wine. We are not a big box winery. Our focus is on craft fermenta. Craft batches of wine with a focus on quality over quantity. Our offering varies from week to week in the tasting room and chances are there is a new profile available to taste along with our core wines. We are always dreaming up new combinations of wine for you to try. We offer a variety of craft wines including, traditional grape wines, fruit, berry, and citrus wines, honey wine or mead, maple syrup wines, and other unique specialty wines.

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Real Maine

Experience real Maine by exploring all we have to offer. Our wine is produced locally, in north central Maine, almost smack dab in the middle of the state. Four hours to the southern border of New Hampshire and four hours to the northern border of Canada. Our wine is processed and bottled in our onsite commercial production area, just steps away from our tasting room. When available we use locally sourced ingredients, as well as our own apples from our orchard, to produce our wine. Visit Real Maine to learn more about why buying locally produced agricultural products is vital.

About Us

Some years ago the family decided to become farmers ... maybe homesteaders is a better description. We are not hardcore homesteaders but we enjoy living simply when we can and harvesting what we can locally. Admittedly, Maine is not kind when it comes to living off the land and being self-sufficient, but we try.

What we've learned over the years is to be passionate about what we are doing. Love your work, if you can call it that, and then it isn't work, is it? My family and I, and better yet, my better half, Kathy, have enabled me to pursue my passions for years. And our most recent venture is no exception.

Winemaking requires a combination of skills. I am process oriented, and like to use attention to detail type skills (some have another name for that particular skill) to produce wine for people who don't like wine. Yes, you read that right! My challenge daily is to produce wines that a broader group can enjoy. My wife loves to chat with people (I do too). Perfect for operating a wine tasting room. Between the two of us, we make the perfect pair. Yin and wine yang!!

Thursday, February 22, 2024