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Raising quality Kiko goats from Maine

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Kiko Goats to Improve Your Health and Herd

Often we find ourselves frazzled from life, not eating well, or feeling frustrated we've put our dreams of starting a farm off for far too long. A visit to Marble Creek Acres can change all that! Feel the change of pace, experience the ideal Kiko meat goat for your herd, and chart your path to better health and success.

We’ll help you:

  • Experience life on a thriving farm
  • Select perfect goats for your herd
  • Get set up for success

This veteran-owned and operated farm understands the importance of improving health and diet by offering nutritious alternatives and making the right breeding choices to get started successfully. We will guide you in your decisions and support you on your way to a healthier, happier life.

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Buy Meat

Need a heart-healthy, lean meat to improve your diet? From farm to table, we offer 100% forage- or grass-fed USDA inspected goat meat that provides you a nutritious alternative.

Get Goats

Looking to augment your existing herd? Whether charged with increasing production, reducing internal parasites, or seeking a low input approach to goating, we have a Kiko for you.

Start Herd

Dreaming of starting your own production farm? Whether ready to breed this year or next, our starter goat packages take the guess work and pitfalls out of successfully setting up your farm.