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Goats for Hire

Goatscaping Services

Need to clear overgrown brush or unwanted foliage?

Tired of spraying pesticides to rid the land of noxious plants?

Looking to improve fields or eradicate weeds naturally?

Marble Creek Acres offers goats for hire to clear brush, improve fields, and eradicate weeds and unwanted foliage. The use of goats to remove invasive plants and overgrown vegetation, is a natural method, unlike using chemicals. In many jurisdictions, the use of pesticides isn't permitted, while using natural methods is a preference for others to ensure we don't pollute the world we live in.

Whether you are looking for goats to clear overgrown brush, land previously not maintained, just plain neglected or that needs just a bit of love, we have a herd you can rent to meet your needs. We typically run small herds of 7 goats which are easy to manage; move and handle. A herd this size can eat about an 1/8 of an acre a week. We can double the size of the herd to more efficiently remove foliage in an area the size of a 1/4 of an acre.

Goats are excellent landscapers but they do not eat everything as old timers might suggest. Often goats will instinctively steer clear (not always) of poisonous plants. Goats are browsers, not grazers so they like to nibble on vegetation top-down and rarely eat off the ground. Goats pick and choose the most appetizing fauna based on the current nutrition of the vegetation and then move on to the next most mouthwatering plants on the menu. It is a misconception that goats will remove all vegetation in an area. Goats help to groom an area or bring it back into check so it may be better managed. With 2 or 3 sessions, goats can completely remove brush to a point where it is unlikely to grow back again.

How it works?

Contact us to conduct a free survey. We offer a free visit to walk the area you wish to target, evaluate your needs, answer questions and determine if goats are the right fit for the job. We need to see the area to provide an accurate quote. We will survey the area to be cleared and then provide an estimate based on;

  • Size of the area
  • Duration of the job
  • Labor hours to setup

Setup includes;

  • Installation of temporary electric fence and solar charger*
  • Setting up a portable shelter and water buckets

*Electric fence produces low voltage (unpleasant to the touch but will not hurt children or seniors)

As a rough quote the approximate cost for a herd of 7 goats, with a goal to remove 1/8 of an acre of brush (depending on density), is $400-$600 a week.

What are the customer's responsibilities?

  • Provide fresh water daily (buckets provided)
  • Area free of debris, poisonous plants, and free of pesticides (at least 3 months)

What is our service area?

Typically we travel goats for hire no more than approximately 30 minutes from Lee, ME but we are always open to considering areas outside this service area for an additional fee.

If you are ready to get started with the removal of invasive plants or work to improve fields using the eco-friendly approach of a goatscaping herd, then contact us today! Season starts in May. Questions and bookings accepted year-round.

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