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Kiko Goat Sales

Reserve Spring kids now!

New to goat husbandry or searching for foundation goats? An old hat or just looking to expand your current operation, we have commercial and registered stock available each year to meet your needs.

Registered, commercial, 4H, or pets, Marble Creek Acres has the right kid for you. Accepting deposits year round for our wait list. Typically doelings sell out quickly, even before kids are thrown each season. We encourage you to join our wait list early. First refusal is given based on the order of our wait list. Approximately half-down (typically $250-$300) deposits are collected prior to being added to wait list. Balance is collected at pick up.

Marble Creek Acres maintains a closed, disease-free, herd and biosecurity spot checks periodically for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), Johne's Disease (JD), and Q Fever. We vaccinate the herd for Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) yearly. We also vaccinate all kids for CDT within the first two months following birth and the herd yearly.

Only those Kiko goats that meet our strict standards will be registered. NKR and AKGA registrations are available for New Zealand, American Purebred and percentage breeding does and bucks. Registration fees are not included in the sale price.

Wethers  Unregistered
American Kiko
American Kiko
100% New Zealand Kiko











Standard pricing listed above for reference. Individual pricing will be listed for each goat on their respective listing page. *Some goats shown may cost more than standard pricing. From time to time we also sell yearlings or foundation stock as promising kids arrive. Please inquire or search our herd listing for available options if you are looking for stock other than kids.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023