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Reference Kiko Goat Sires

A Chronicle of Genetic Diversity

We use a variety of herd sires to provide the greatest genetic diversity to our region of New England. This area of Maine is notorious for having very few options and ultimately we strive to overcome this bottleneck each year by introducing genetics that focus on parasite resistance, maternal instincts, increased average daily gain, reduced hoof care, and low producer input. This page chronicles the herd sires that have positively contributed to our breeding program but are no longer on our farm or were introduced via our artificial insemination program.

Sold to Royer Valley Farm in Brooks, ME, Zulu was lassoed once or twice a year for a quick health check. He was very healthy, required very little, if any input, was easy to handle, presented super slow growing hooves (checked bi-annually with minor cosmetic trimming), was highly parasite resistant, and put weight on like a college freshman.

Zulu was all business. He was a prolific breeder. There was no doubting his performance. When dams came into heat, he was ready to go and vocally let the herd know he was ready for business. Zulu was dual registered with both the NKR and AKGA.




Our junior herd sire Lava was born and raised on our ranch. His mother Taho was transported from Lookout Point Ranch in Lowell, OR, providing us an opportunity to breed naturally polled goats to our herd and the region.

"Lava Bean" or "Bean", his nicknames, was easy going, a lover not a fighter, and rarely required producer input. Never requiring worming, he needed little attention and provided a bit of colour to our herd.

Lava was Parent Verified and NKR registered.

This season we introduced MRG 1123 genetics via semen, as part of our Artificial Insemination program. This buck was collected originally by M.R. Goats in West Virginia. MRG 1123, twin ranked, was born on Mike and Lorie Renick's farm in December of 2011 along with his half brothers, MRG Thriller and MRG Outlaw, who both produced progeny who excelled in the Oklahoma buck test. He served as a commercial buck on the Renick farm for 4 years.

We look forward to his offspring which we are expecting March of 2021.



Wednesday, November 25, 2020