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Simple Goat Meat Recipes

From our table to your table

If you are new to goat meat, its mild flavor, and lean fat content, then you may be interested in how you might integrate it into your everyday meals. We get questions on a regular basis asking us how we cook our goat meat as well as what is the best meal to try it in for the first time.

There are tons of recipes on the internet you can search for and try but we like to keep it simple to start. For example, try replacing your hamburger with goat burger in traditional meals like stews, spaghetti, chili, or tacos. Below I share a couple of our favorite recipes. Super simple and easy to prepare. Can’t “goat” wrong with these dinner time staples.

If you want to explore cooking and eating goat meat further, I recommend reading this short article, Goat: Cooking and Eating by James Whetlor or buy his book to learn even more about the history of goats and cooking with goat meat. It is eye opening and entertaining. James does a great job, giving a brief history of the goat and sharing some of his favorite recipes.

For me I like to “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS). Why complicate it when there are so many great and easy staple recipes to get you started. I have never been much of a Chili fan but this first recipe is absolutely one of my favorites and super simple to prepare ~ borrowed straight out of the Shape ReClaimed recipe book. You end up with a hearty, robust flavored meal that everyone at the table can enjoy. Remember, just tweak it to your liking by adding shredded cheese, beans, tortilla chips or sour cream.


 Chili Con Carne
 1. In a pot, brown ground
 goat burger with onions and
 spices over low-
 medium heat.
 2. Reduce heat to low,
 add tomatoes and
 mix thoroughly.
 3. Simmer one hour and
 adjust salt, pepper and
 Franks hot sauce to taste.
 16 oz goat burger
 4 tbsp chopped onion
 4 tsp Cumin
 4 tsp Chili powder
 1 tsp Garlic
 6 cups diced tomatoes
 with juice

 Yield: 4 servings


Another longtime staple in the Crise family diet for many, many years, is anything considered Mexican food. Hard or soft shell, corn or flour tacos is one of our favorites. This second recipe is served right off an Old El Paso, Taco Seasoning Mix packet. Don't forget to dress those tacos with refried beans, shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions or sour cream to take it up a notch. Let’s not leave out the hot sauce. I prefer a verde salsa but the rest of the family is typically after a more traditional salsa.


 Hard or Soft Shell Tacos
 1. In a skillet, brown ground
 goat burger.
 2. Stir in water and seasoning
 mix; heat to boiling.
 3. Reduce heat; simmer
 uncovered 2 to 4 minutes,
 stiring often, until thickened.
 16 oz goat burger
 2/3 cup water
 1 pkt Taco Seasoning

 Yield: 4 servings


As I shared initially, these are some of our favorite traditional burger replacement meals. What are you waiting for, try some goat meat for yourself. Did you notice how lean the meat was after you browned it in the pan? No grease to drain off ~ must be healthy!

Monday, November 21, 2022