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Spice / Specialty Wines


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Whether chilled or warmed, our spice wines bring back images of cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning with the family.

TALI LLAMA the green grazer | medium-dry | 12.5% ABV | Embark on a refreshing journey with this green tea and ginger wine, where the subtle bitterness of green tea intertwines with the zesty warmth of ginger, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that invigorate the senses. With each sip, experience the crispness of green tea complemented by the gentle spice of ginger, offering a rejuvenating and flavorful drinking experience. This wine is named after a very special kid that was born on our farm...TALI! With a name like that, so ensued many a rhyming nicknames to follow, hence TALI LLAMA!

$6 / glass | $16 / bottle

March 28, 2024