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Berry Wines

(Blueberry, Blackberry, Tomato)

~ Subject to availability ~

Sweet or tart? Try one of our berry wines to be whisked back to days running around the neighborhood and sampling JELL-O as an afternoon snack.

TAHO TOMATO ...I say tah mah tow | dry | 12.5% ABV | You read it right! Try our limited series Tomato Wine made with fresh ripe red tomatoes from our garden, sweetened with hibiscus. With a slight fruity note, and some floral notes, this wine boasts "it's just a bit different" than its other berry cousins. Experience the unexpected delight of this tomato wine infused with the subtle sweetness of hibiscus. This tomato wine is named after one of our foundation does, TAHO, who is a rich, red color, that you don't often see in the Kiko world.

$6 / glass | $16 / bottle

JARED'S PICK all up in 'yo berry | semi-sweet | 12.5% ABV | Savor the bold and spicy kick of this jalapeño wine, complemented by the luscious sweetness of natural strawberry flavor, creating a tantalizing fusion of heat and fruitiness on the palate. Each sip offers a unique sensory adventure, where the light essence of jalapeño peppers harmonizes with the juicy sweetness of strawberries, leaving a memorable and invigorating taste experience. This wine is inspired by the biggest jalapeño lover in our family...JARED!

$6 / glass | $20 / bottle

March 28, 2024