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Registration: American Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Dry Yearling (female) |Black w/white

DOB: 4/10/2023 (1 yr)

Sire: Qato

Registration: 100% New Zealand


Kiko Buck (male) Black Roan

NKR# N18M0132SRK0 DOB: 1/2/20186 yrs
  | NKR# N18M0132SRK0 | Black Roan
Dam: Nani

Registration: American Purebred


Kiko Doe (female) White w/ Blue Dorsal Stripe

DOB: 3/14/20186 yrs
Growing like a weed, Nani (Hawaiian for beautiful) and her twin brother, arrived on March 14th, weighing in at 6.0 lbs. Nani was delivered by natural service and is being reared by her mother in the winter barn. Nani's dam, Kona is single ranked but freshened twins in her first year. Kona's dam, KNR Stanton's Bluebell was also single ranked but kidded twins in 2015 and 2016. Nani is still growing like a weed, 57.4 lbs at her 180-day weigh-in and now outweighs her brother and half brothers ...
  | White w/ Blue Dorsal Stripe

(registration not included)

Other: Registration (NKR) may be requested for an additional $100.

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Available July 15
Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
7/9/2023Weight - 90-day
41.9 lbs 
ADG - .39
6/9/2023Weight - 60-day
25.2 lbs | Body Score: 3 
ADG - .31
CDT 2cc (SQ)
CDT Booster
CDT 2cc (SQ)
CDT Primer
5/10/2023Weight - 30-day
17.2 lbs | Body Score: 3 
ADG - .36
5/1/2023Weight - 21-day
14.6 lbs | Body Score: 3 
ADG - .39
4/17/2023Weight - 7-day
9.4 lbs | Body Score: 3 
ADG - .43
4/10/2023Weight - Birth
6.5 lbs | Body Score: 3 
CDT 2cc (SQ)
Dam CDT Pre-Birth
Purchase Terms

A $250 non-refundable holding deposit on all goat sale reservations is required.

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