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Registration: American Purebred

Goat , Kiko , Doe (female) |White w/ Blue Dorsal Stripe

DOB: 3/14/2018 (6 yrs)

Sire: Zulu (Reference)

Zulu (Reference)

Kiko Buck (male) Black

AKGA# 16P143SAP3,& nbsp;NKR# N16M0143SAP7 DOB: 3/1/20168 yrs
Zulu is all business. Looking for a tried and true herd sire, he is perfect. Zulu is a prolific breeder. There is no doubting his performance. When dams come into heat he is ready to go and vocally let's the herd know he is ready for business. Zulu is very healthy, requires very little if any input, is easy to handle, presents super slow growing hooves (checked bi-annually with minor trimming), is highly parasite resistant, and puts weight on like a college freshman. Zulu is dual registere ...
  | AKGA# 16P143SAP3, NKR# N16M0143SAP7 | Black
Dam: Kona

Registration: 88% Crossbred


Kiko Doe (female) White w/black dorsal stripe

AKGA# 16Z420KNR5,& nbsp;NKR# N16C0042KNR0 Deceased
A Crossbred (7/8) American Kiko and a PJM Blue Print doeling progeny, “Kona” weighed in at 6 lbs on March 8, 2016 — with a 90-day weight of 38 lbs. Kona joins us from the Stanton Brook Farm, which lies in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Kona's Dam, KNR Stanton's Bluebell was single ranked but kidded twins in 2015 and 2016. Kona was twin ranked and freshened her first time in March 2018, delivering twins ... a doeling and a buckling, 6.0 lbs. and 5.8 lbs. respectively. ...
  | AKGA# 16Z420KNR5, NKR# N16C0042KNR0 | White w/black dorsal stripe
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Growing like a weed, Nani (Hawaiian for beautiful) and her twin brother, arrived on March 14th, weighing in at 6.0 lbs. Nani was delivered by natural service and is being reared by her mother in the winter barn.

Nani's dam, Kona is single ranked but freshened twins in her first year. Kona's dam, KNR Stanton's Bluebell was also single ranked but kidded twins in 2015 and 2016.

Nani is still growing like a weed, 57.4 lbs at her 180-day weigh-in and now outweighs her brother and half brothers and sisters from this year's kidding season. It will be another year before she is ready to breed but definitely looking forward to breeding her with our herd sire from Egypt Creek Ranch in Sarah, Mississippi.

2018 Birth-Rear: 2-2
2020 Birth-Rear: 2-2
2021 Birth-Rear: n/a
2022 Birth-Rear: 2/2 | Sula (Doeling) / Topi (Doeling)
2023 Birth-Rear: 2/2 | Maui (Doeling) / Luau (Doeling)
2022 Udder Score: 1-1
Career Average Kids: 1.6

Updated 1/6/2024