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USDA Inspected Goat Meat

In stock mid-November

Need a heart-healthy, lean meat to improve your diet? From farm to table, we offer 100% forage- or grass-fed USDA inspected goat meat that provides you a nutritious alternative.

Marble Creek Acres, a Maine Veteran, locally-owned and operated company, offers 100% forage- or grass-fed USDA inspected goat meat for sale (based on availability). We are a private-label approved company through Herring Brothers (Establishment 9760) of Guilford, Maine. We sell a variety of cuts and are always open to new meat cuts, upon request, for future orders, with advanced notification.

Some might ask Why Eat Goat Meat? Explore the referenced webpage for more information on how goat meat supports a health-crazed nation. Interestingly, a University of Florida blind study of 600 U.S. consumers (using barbequed meat) determined that the "overall appeal" rating was that about 42% of tasters preferred the goat meat, while 38% preferred beef, and 20% could not tell much difference (Elk USA).

The goat meat we sell is either cabrito or chevon, weanling kid goats 3 - 4 months old (< than 60 lbs) or yearling kid goats 6 - 12 months old (> than 60 lbs), respectively. The goat meat is dry-aged for 5 - 7 days, processed, packaged, vacuum-sealed and frozen by Herring Brothers for freshness. For more information on how to prepare and cook various goat cuts, explore Farmdrop.

If you are interested in adding delicious and healthy goat meat to your diet, we accept cash, check and credit card. Stop by the ranch for pick up or for a nominal fee we will deliver locally (shipping currently not available). We sell a variety of select meat cuts, including;

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We make a number of claims on our private label. These are a result of the goat husbandry practices we pursue on our ranch. We have been USDA private-label approved for the following:

  • USDA processed, packaged and inspected - no dairy culls
  • American-, Maine-, farm-, ranch-, pasture-raised
  • All-natural 100% grass- and forage-fed
  • Goats are not formula-raised or grain-finished
  • No added hormones, steroids or growth-promoting antibiotics
  • No animal by-products, added artificial ingredients or medicated feed
  • Free-ranged (free access to come and go) and humanely-raised

If you have questions about our goat husbandry practices, the goat meat we sell or are genuinely interested, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always excited to chat Kiko goats.


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