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2017 - Barn Expansion  

In 2017 we expanded the barn, raised in 2016. The original barn was built just to get us started. The dimensions were 8' x 24'. In 2017, we expanded the barn in three phases. The first phase included adding a lean-to to the original barn with a roof line that was 16' deep. In phase two we extended the barn another 24' to the right. This eventually included three 8' x 8' stalls that were divided in two, with goat panels, to create a total of six stalls. And in phase three, we added another 16' deep lean-to to the front of the expanded barn. We need to finish up the bright paint job but all in all it is pretty close to being completed. Well at least that portion of the barn is complete. We will be expanding the barn again to the left, of the original barn, in 2018.

March 17, 2018

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