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Welcome to our ranch!

Marble Creek Acres is sandwiched between the towns of Lincoln, Winn and Springfield in Lee, Maine about 60 miles Northeast of Bangor and 12 miles East of Lincoln --- the 13 lakes region. The acreage is owned and operated by Josh and Kathy Crise, with support by their two children and two sets of grandparents.

Marble Creek Acres is a small acreage in Northern Maine. The growing Marble Creek Acres’ herd is comprised of 100% New Zealand Kikos, American Kiko purebreds and crossbred goats.

Kikos are meat goats native to New Zealand and were imported initially to the United States by the Goatex Group in the early 1990s. Our Kikos forage throughout the year and are supplemented with first and second cut hay in the winter months.

We are American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA) members, herd prefix MCA and Herd ID # 4241. We are also National Kiko Registry members, herd prefix MCA.